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                                                           CGBP    What is CPD?                                                 

The Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act took effect on January 1, 2018. This means NEW computation on compensation!

This one-day training is for individual and corporate taxpayers, whether for profit or non-profit, who want to learn how to properly compute for salaries, wages, and benefits to take advantage of the tax savings in the 2018 TRAIN provisions which impacts on employee compensations and benefits!

This learning opportunity will address both your labor and tax concerns which are the two major regulatory challenges in employee benefits administration. This solutions-oriented lecture will provide sample computations including the salary increases for NCR that took effect last October 5 and the revised tax rules for 2018 to highlight best practices in structuring wages and benefits to save your company millions of taxes and keeping your employees very happy with the savings.

Attendees will learn the use of De Minimis Benefits, Fringe Benefits, tax exemptions, new law and regulations on 13th month pay, updated allowable deductions, other benefits and more! They will also be shown how to link these new measures to create a cohesive and highly beneficial structure for employers and employees. This offers a window for companies to align compensation approaches with business strategies to achieve a program that attracts, retains and motivates workers and at the same time minimizes tax costs to businesses and their people.
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Course Director & Lecturer: Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva is a specialist in and practitioner of labor and tax laws. He has written 16 best-selling books namely: Guide to Valid Dismissal of Employees, Guide on Employee Compensation and Benefits Vol. 1 & 2, Guide on Wage Order and Minimum Wage, Batas Kasambahay; Gabay sa Karapatan ng OFWs, Guide on Employee Transfer and Demotion, Human Resource Forms, Notices and Contracts Vol. 1 & 2, Guide to Valid Job Contracting & Subcontracting, How to Design and Formulate Company Code of Discipline, Employee Leave Benefits, Tax Solutions on Employee Compensation and Benefits, Real Estate Practice in the Philippines, Digest of Critical Decisions of the Supreme Court on Labor Cases (2015-2018 cases) and The Labor Code of the Philippines 2018 Edition. His advocacy is to help companies and employees solve their HR issues.

Who Should Attend:

    • Entrepreneurs & Business
    • Board Directors
    • Management
    • CFOs
    • HR Practitioners
    • Business Consultants
    • Anyone who is interested
      in learning to design
      compensation package
       and save on taxes

Training Investment is P9,980

      inclusive of Meals, Resource Kit,
       Certificate of Attendance

Get 5% discount
when you register as a group of
3 or more!

How to Structure and Compute Salaries, Wages and Benefits
With the 2018 TRAIN Incentives for Taxpayers

Marriott Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Complex, Pasay City, Philippines
9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Friday, November 15, 2019

Course Outline

     Part I – De Minimis Benefits
          1.    Concept of Fringe Benefits
                  a.    Covered Employees
                  b.    Fringe Benefits subject to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
                               i.     Money
                              ii.     Property Other than Money
                  c.     Fringe Benefits not subject to FBT
                               i.     De minimis benefits

          2.    Meaning of De Minimis Benefits (DMB) in general

          3.    RR 1-2015 Exempts DMB from tax on compensation as well as FBT
                  a.    Amendment of the following RR:
                               i.     RR 2-98
                              ii.     RR 5-2008
                             iii.     RR 5-2011
                             iv.     RR 8-2012

          4.    Updated list of DMB
                  a.    Monetized unused VL not exceeding 10 days
                  b.    Medical cash allowance
                  c.     Rice subsidy
                  d.    Uniform and clothing allowance
                  e.    Actual Medical Assistance
                  f.      Laundry Allowance
                  g.    Employees Achievement Awards
                  h.    Gifts given during Christmas Party and Major Anniversary Celebration
                  i.      Daily meal allowance for OT work and night/ graveyard shift


          5.    Exclusivity of DMB list
                  a.    Those not included in the enumeration shall be subject to income tax as well as withholding tax on
                         compensation income

          6.    Sample Computations of DMB


     Part II – 13th Month Pay and Other Benefits

          1.    Concept of 13th Month Pay
                  a.    Who are entitled to 13th Month Pay
                  b.    Exclusions from coverage

          2.    Other Benefits
                  a.    Christmas Bonus
                             i.     Concept of Christmas Bonus
                  b.    Productivity Incentive Bonus
                  c.     Loyalty Award
                  d.    Gifts
                  e.    Other Benefits of similar nature

          3.    Exemption from Withholding Tax and Exclusion from Computation of Gross Income
                  a.    Applicable provision of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC)
                              i.     Gross Income
                             ii.     Exclusion from Gross Income
                            iii.     Miscellaneous Items – 13th Month Pay and Other Benefits
                  b.    Old ceiling of 13th month pay and Other benefits is P30,000.00

          4.    RA 10653
                  a.    An act adjusting the 13th month pay and other benefits ceiling excluded from the computation of Gross Income
                         for purposes of income taxation. Amends Section 32 (B), Chapter VI of the NIRC
                  b.    Total exclusion total exclusion shall not exceed eighty-two thousand pesos (P82,000) from previously
                             i.     Coverage of total exclusion
                                      1.    Christmas Bonus
                                      2.    Productivity Incentives

          5.    RR 3-2105 Implementing RA 10653
                  a.    The amount of P30,000.00 referring to the total amount of 13th month pay and other benefits as one of the
                          exclusions from gross income was increased to P82,000.00
                  b.    Application of P82,000.00 ceiling
                             i.     13th month pay
                             ii.     Other benefits
                            iii.     Applicable to those paid or accrued beginning January 1, 2015
                  c.     Non-applicability to other compensation
                  d.    Taxpayers-Employers shall ensure correct computation in the year-end adjustments and shall be clearly
                  e.    Case of Terminated Employees before the close of the calendar year
                  f.      Penalty for violation

          6.    Sample computations

          7.    Structuring both DMB and 13th Month Pay and other Benefits Under the New Tax Rules


TRAINING FEE PER PERSON: 9,980 (Fee covers Meals, Resource Kit, Certificate of Attendance)

Less 5% for early registrants (on registrations made on or before October 15, 2019)
Less 5% for early payment (if made on or before November 5, 2019)
Less 5% for group registration (minimum of 3 participants)

REGISTER NOW to avail of the Group DISCOUNT
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Download: Flyer - Black&White (.PDF 347kb)
                         Course Outline (.PDF 246kb)